A museum is a place where artifacts are preserved and history is observed – a place where the past is met with the present.
Mileseum creates museums where people learn and experience the grand chronicle of civilization.
Creating a more innovative space that preserves and represents the grand Korean heritage – this is what Mileseum strive for.

Historical Museum

We need to have a deep affection for our history to shed light on the excavated relics and historic sites. History is the asset with the greatest value to our race.  We are creating a vital museum to preserve the relics and educate our descendents about them.

Theme Museum

All materials that have to do with the lives of human being, such as paper, salted fish,

Kimchi, etc. is the theme of museum. We will materialize abundant lives which are interesting and diverse like that.

Special Museum

It includes a space for exhibition where local governments, companies and individuals can experience and learn all relics that they want to see handed down as precious assets.
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