ceo_ Choi, Seog-Jung ceo_ Choi, Seog-Jung

CEO Message

What do you remember from your childhood? Do you remember the times when you hid yourself and created a small, personal space by putting over a blanket? It was merely a small, separated space inside your room, but out of this space you created a vast sky for you to fly in or a deep ocean for you to swim in.

But how was this possible? How did this ‘space’ magically metamorphose itself into different ‘spaces’?

The answer is ‘imagination’.

Of course, imagination alone cannot construct an innovative space in real life. However, the power of imagination is great if it is accompanied with a realistic blueprint – and it is this power of imagination that we rely on to envision the future and construct an innovative space.

Mileseum shares the vision that you have and fulfill the vision in real life. With the power of imagination, we open up possibilities and create innovative spaces that were never thought of before.

And with the power of imagination, we will pioneer the future that you envision.

Creative Inspiration CEO : Choi, Seog-Jung